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Richmond Hill, NY Indian Wedding by MaxPhoto NY


Princeton, NJ Indian Wedding by My Wedding Way


My name is Christina Chico and I aspire to be great in all that I pursue in life. I love taking on new goals and living life where all possibilities are endless. I make sure to double up! Some of my favorite past times are attending broadway musicals, hiking the steepest mountains just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoying the abundance of creativity at local art shows, and donating my time to service the community around me. I enjoy the finer things in life and take my camera with me everywhere to continue inspiring the world around me. As a professional photographer I bring a very modern and whimsical twist to wedding and portrait photography. Being a very imaginative person, I love to dream up ideas and turn them into my idea of a fairy tale reality. My work is inspired by a variety of things: people, love, and documenting such true raw emotion between two individuals who are crazy about one another. What defines me as an artist is my passion for capturing captivating images that best displays the true soul of a every person I see. Each photograph I take is an irreplaceable moment caught in time that bring back to life the energy at your wedding. My photographs preserve those memories of such special times in your life, moments that will never happen again, but ones you remember and cherish forever.








Christina Chico Photography

Ventura, CA Indian Engagement by Christina Chico Photography

Greetings, ladies! It's gotta be so exciting for every girl to be engaged and to refer to the love of her life as, "my fiancé." Christina Chico Photography brings us a lovely engagement photo shoot that takes place in Ventura, California! These outdoor portraits are so sublime! The soon-to-be bride and groom are...


Orange County, CA Engagement by Christina Chico Photography

Hi, gals! Ready for some sweet engagement session portraits from the amazing Christina Chico Photography? Check out this soon-to-be-bride and her soon-to-be-groom as they frolic in sunny Orange County, giving their best poses and smiles to the camera. This gorgeous Maharani has three fun looks for this portrait session and she is a doll in all...


Pomona, CA Engagement by Christina Chico Photography

Could this bride-to-be be anymore gorgeous? These amazingly brilliant shots by Christina Chico Photography look like they are straight out of a bridal magazine! Our playful couple are posing it up for the camera in true Maharani style and these pics are all definitely keepers! I'm loving the bride's bangles and earrings which complete her...


Pomona, CA Engagement by Christina Chico Photography

Why, hello, Maharanis! Are you ready for THE most adorable bride-to-be? This engagement shoot by Christina Chico Photography features the ultimate definition of pretty in pink! Our bride is stunning in her hot pink and gold lengha saree. This contemporary number pays tribute to the traditional look with its flattering cut, but is both pla...


Pomona, CA Indian Bridal Photo Shoot by Christina Chico Photography

It's a day for sunshine and smiles, Maharanis, so get ready to flash those pearly whites and soak up some warm California rays! Bride Bindiya is a complete stunner with flowing ombre locks and a deep plum lip that makes for the perfect pout. And her bling is 100 percent fabulous, from her wrists glittering with bangles to her delicate tikka to her ...



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